RSPCA inquiry call increases pressure on government

The RSPCA has called on the Government to set up an independent judicial inquiry into the Diaries of Despair affair - the secret history of pig-to-primate organ transplant experiments.

The research was commissioned by Imutran Ltd and took place at controversial testing laboratory Huntingdon Life Sciences.

Following a resolution passed by RSPCA members at the charity's recent AGM in June, the charity has written to the Home Secretary, David Blunkett, urging him to establish a judicial inquiry.

The RSPCA intervened in the legal case brought by Imutran against Uncaged Campaigns in order to obtain permission to produce a report based on the leaked 'Diaries of Despair' information. The charity had downloaded the information before Imutran forced the closure of Uncaged Campaigns' website that had originally published thousands of pages of confidential documentation. The RSPCA report may be published within a few months.

The Home Office has so far flatly refused to launch an inquiry. Home Office Minister Mike O'Brien twice refused to explain to the official Government advisors, the Animal Procedures Committee, why no inquiry has been instigated, despite the committee's expression of 'surprise'.

Dan Lyons, author of the Diaries of Despair report, explains:

"The Home Office's response to the embarrassing revelations in the leaked Imutran information has become increasingly desperate. The Government's utter contempt for animal welfare regulations that was exposed by the documents has persisted in its transparent attempt to cover-up the debacle. What's more, by insulting people's intelligence, the Government is excerbating the disrepute it is heaping upon itself."

On 21 September, Uncaged Campaigns will be holding a demonstration in London to protest at the Home Office's dishonest and callous conduct, and will submit in excess of 100,000 signatures to the Prime Minister protesting against xenotransplantation and calling for an independent judicial inquiry.


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