A review of the Diaries of Despair briefing, by Dr David Mitchell.

The Briefing produced by Uncaged Campaigns is essential reading for those individuals concerned about the British Government's contemptible response to the exposure of Imutran and Huntingdon Life Sciences in the 'Diaries of Despair' report and its shameful policy on animal experiments in general.

The Briefing provides further evidence of the absolute disregard by certain companies and the British Government for those regulations which are supposed to provide some protection to animals in laboratories in the UK.

The Briefing therefore shows the obvious need for an independent judicial inquiry to investigate Imutran's xenotransplantation research' at Huntingdon Life Sciences and the Government's failure to ensure the application of relevant and appropriate legislation. It also shows that, in contrast to the various promises made by the present Government to regulate vivisection, the vivisection industry has received its active encouragement and support.

The value of the 'Diaries of Despair' report, through its exposure of Imutran and Huntingdon Life Sciences and the treatment of their animal victims, cannot be underestimated as it wholly nullifies the stock arguments offered by pro-vivisectionists. Moreover, together with those events which followed its publication, the report provides indisputable evidence of the Home Office's blatant maladministration which has indulged those companies responsible for subjecting animals to extreme suffering.

The Briefing provides a valuable summary of the subject, dealing with:

  1. the suffering which occurs in transportation,
  2. the regulation of experimental procedures on animals,
  3. the potentially illegal severe suffering,
  4. the cost/benefit assessment,
  5. the role of Huntingdon Life Sciences,
  6. the conduct of the Home Office Animals (Scientific Procedures) Inspectorate (ASPI),
  7. the Chief Inspector's Report into Imutran, and
  8. the Home Office response to breaches and public concerns

In sum, the Uncaged Campaigns Briefing confirms the availability of evidence that provides the stimulus for a successful campaign: a campaign with the potential to successfully compel the Government to establish an independent judicial inquiry into the most horrific programme of vivisection in recent British history, and to put right the Government's brutal sacrifice of animals and the rule of law for the sake of profit-driven corporate interests.

David Mitchell (Dr)
B.A.(Hons), MPhil, PhD.


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