Ground-breaking xenotransplantation documentary

In 2001, the UK's Carlton TV produced a ground-breaking documentary, Organ Farm, which was screened in three one hour instalments on ITV.

Uncaged Campaigns' Director Dan Lyons was interviewed for the programme as a leading critic of xenotransplantation research. A version of the documentary was also broadcast across the USA on the Public Broadcast Service.

The programme included appalling footage of American researchers transplanting a pig's heart into the neck of a baboon. The Diaries of Despair report and the Daily Express articles reveal that similar procedures were licensed by the UK Home Office and conducted by Imutran Ltd at Huntingdon Life Sciences.

The documentary also featured the destruction of pigs and the decapitation of piglet foetuses to extract brain cells.

Click here for the Organ Farm website, which includes a transcript of the interview with Dan Lyons.

Video grabs from the programme are used on this website to illustrate the xenotransplantation process - images which are rarely seen by the public.


Dan Lyons interview on Organ Farm
Credit: Organ Farm





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