Lobby your MP to sign EDM 74

EDM 74 progresses our campaign for an independent inquiry into the Home Office's failure to regulate Imutran's primate xenotransplantation research programme. The motion highlights the failure of the Ombudsman to properly investigate the Home Office. With the Home Office recently losing a court case brought in very similar circumstances, there is now even greater pressure on the Home Office and Ombudsman to atone for their callous neglect of animal welfare regulations.

Please ask your MP to sign EDM 74. You can lobby them directly at:

Perverse and irrational - the ombudsman's report into illegal cruelty in animal research

The Ombudsman's investigation has been shambolic and strongly indicates a bias in favour of the Home Office. In particular, the investigation report makes a basic error when it confuses the facts of this case, which corresponds to the most severe level of pain and distress. Click here to read our statement.

Letter in 'Nature' bolsters campaign for public inquiry

The campaign for a public inquiry into controversial pig-to-primate transplant experiments is gathering further momentum. Following lengthy discussions and document inspections between Nature and Uncaged, the prestigious science journal has decided to publish our letter complaining of serious malpractice on the part of Government animal research Inspectors. Click here to read on...

MPs shirk investigation into animal testing scandal

The House of Commons Home Affairs Committee has decided not to investigate the Home Office's misconduct revealed by the Diaries of Despair.

Despite Uncaged's intense lobbying, supported by hundreds of members of the public and several MPs, the Committee has turned its back on its duty to hold the Government to account for wrongdoing. The Home Office has not been cleared, and the scandal remains unresolved. Click here to read our news release.

New Uncaged report exposes Home Office

Uncaged's new report on the Diaries of Despair scandal has uncovered yet more systematic misconduct on the part of the Home Office in its enforcement of animal research regulations.

The report is titled "In a collapsed state", a double reference: firstly to damning observations of dying monkeys following pig organ transplant experiments conducted by Imutran at HLS; and, secondly, to the regulatory system which is supposed to scrutinise vivisection proposals. Click here to read on...


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