On, and around, Saturday 26th June campaigners across the UK took part in another Diaries of Despair Day of Action aimed at lobbying MPs to sign Early Day Motion 685 (calling for an independent inquiry into the Diaries of Despair), educating the public and media, and increasing the pressure on the Government and Home Office.

Hundreds of letters were sent to MPs urging them to sign EDM 685, and dozens of campaigners visited their MPs in their constituency surgeries in order to press home the need for an inquiry in person.

Petitions were raised and information disseminated on campaign stalls in town centres and high streets all over the UK. On these stalls campaigners also distributed sample letters to be sent to MPs and postcards to go the Prime Minister.

Svetlana held her regular protest at the Home Office - the chief culprits in licensing these brutal experiments, failing to enforce its own regulations, and covering up the scandal.

Thanks to everyone who took part. Your efforts have already paid dividends with a surge in the number of MPs who have put their names to EDM 685.

Please continue to campaign, educate the public and lobby MPs and Government until we achieve justice for the animals that died in this horrific research programme.

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Diaries of Despair rally, 2002
Credit: Corin Jeavons




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